Straight from the source: Allison dives deeper into Social Enterprise in Scotland

Heriot-Watt Scotland.jpg

The Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University, undertakes entrepreneurship research.  It was here that I met with Laura Galloway, Professor of Business and Enterprise.

Laura was quite surprised by the statistics I presented related to Tasmania’s rate of illiteracy (up to 49% in some areas) and it opened up conversations related to different forms of learning and how we might teach in future.    Laura highlighted how the University’s School for Social Entrepreneurs has been working with the School of Business to develop new forms of teaching, working to explain university level concepts in simple terms with peer-to-peer components and other multi-media formats, so that their audience could gain the learning needed to strengthen and grow the not-for-profit sector in Scotland.

I found that the interaction between both Schools at the University offered great potential more broadly to the way that we might think about strengthening Australia’s not-for-profit sector.  If we think about the transformation that a number of health care sectors are moving through and redesigning the way that we think about consumer and carer engagement, building capability and capacity across the sector is valuable thing to do.  

Laura said that “business is a grown up thing and we cannot remove this reality - what we can do is change the way that we teach to cater for the way we are now receiving information and learning more broadly.  We can do this successfully by understanding the problems that students may encounter and building ways to remove those barriers ... this can be a simple as catering for variability in Wi-Fi connections without disadvantage to student participation”.